Before the Winter Event

This winter event has started! Before the event, 2 cars were leaked. The news post on one of the event cars were deleted. Here is a picture of the car:

Xmaxx car

Not much was known about this car. It was later confirmed that it was an accidental car created when in testing in the early years of nitro type.

On 11-29-2016 a news post about the event was posted. It didn't start until 12-01-16.

Here is the second car that was leaked happened to be the Xmaxx Xxpress.


  • 11/16/16: Travis announces that in the next week they will be leaking an event car!
  • 11/22/16: The Xmaxx car was leaked. However, just hours after the news post was posted, the news post was deleted.
  • 11/27/16: Travis announces that they will leaking an actual Xmaxx Car that will be for use during the Xmaxx event!
  • 11/28/16: As the designer of the car has not finished, Travis announces that it will be delayed for one more day.
  • 11/29/16: The car, namely the Xmaxx Xxpress, was leaked. However, the actual winter event will not start until Dec. 1 7 am pacific time.
  • 12/1/16: The winter event begins, and the car XMaxx Xxpress XXL is released along with the winter event. 5 old cars will be coming back for the winter event as well.
  • 12/9/16: The Gilded Xxpress is released, only available to gold members!
  • 12/13/16: The Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT is released, after being delayed for one day.
  • 12/15/16: The last event car the Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT-C is released.
  • 1/1/17: The 2016 Winter Event is over.


Image Car Name Cost/Achievement
69 small 1 Rocket Sleigh $10,000
103 small 1 The Golden Gift Thank You Gold Members!
120 small 1 Wrapped Wracer Keepin it Wrapped
70 small 1 Xmaxx Tree Racer Oh Christmas Tree Car
112 small 1 Buddy's Snowmobile Buddy's Ride
122 small 1 Holiday Hero $15,000,000
Xmaxx car Given Up Xmaxx Car Unknown
132 small 1 Xmaxx Xxpress Runnin' a Train
133 small 1 XMaxx Xxpress XXL How Xxciting!
134 small 1 Gilded Xxpress Thank You Gold Members!!
135 small 1 Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT
136 small 1 Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT-C Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT-C

News Screens


  • "In The Spirit"
  • "Holiday Hero"
  • "Merry Christmas!"
  • "Heri za Kwanzaa!"
  • "Joyous Festivus!"
  • "Happy Hanukkah!"
  • "Rail Rider"
  • "♪Naughty or Nice♪"
  • "Well Trained"
  • "Loco Motive"
  • "Conductor"


Races Session Nitros Special
Robin Laid An Egg Getting Warmer Snow Down! In The Spirit
Nguzo Saba ♪ Naughty or Nice ♪ You Frosty Girl Thank You Gold Members!
Serenity Now Well Trained Good Holly Thank You Gold Members!!
Shalom! Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT Conductor The Holiday Hero
Runnin' a Train Snow Fort Buddy's Ride
Keepin it Wrapped 3 Million Snowmen Lamborgotti Xmaxx LT-C
Oh Cashmas Train 5 Million Snowmen
Oh Christmas Tree Car Loco Motive
How Xxciting!
Rail Rider

Completed Achievements


  • This is the second event that has been released on schedule.
  • This is the first event in which event cars has been leaked before the event.
  • The train was already in construction even before WillBoss999 requested it to the admins. Pretty funny, right? Actually, Travis had the idea first.
  • According to Corndog and Travis, there will be no holiday cars in the dealership other than the Rocket Sleigh. This is untrue with the re-release of the Holiday Hero.
  • The Xmaxx Xxpress is be the easiest car to earn (besides the Rocket Sleigh) for this event.
  • There are no cars hiding behind long session events.
  • This is the first event to include a train.
  • This event is the fifth holiday event in the history of Nitro Type.
  • The event is train and Lamborgotti themed.

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