2016 Summer Event
Summer event 2016
General Info
Previous Event 2015 Winter Event
Next Event 2016 Hallowampus Event
Originally Announced May 13, 2016
Starting Date June 6, 2016
Ending Date August 17, 2016
Type Summer Event
# of Cars 6
# of Titles 7
# of Achievements 24

The 2016 Summer Event was Nitro Type's 4th annual summer event. It started on June 6, 2016 and ended on August 17, 2016.


  • 6/5/16: Travis says that he is sick and apologizes for the delay. He also says that the event will start the next day.
  • 6/6/16: The event begins.
  • 6/20/16: The I'm Spicy! is released.
  • 7/12/16: The Y.A.C.H.T. is released.
  • 8/12/16: Travis states that the event will end the following Monday.
  • 8/15/16: The ending of the event is delayed due to server issues.
  • 8/17/16: The event ends.


Image Car Name Cost/Achievement
81 small 1 Summer Classic $10,000
126 small 1 B.O.A.T. Yachta Yachta
125 small 1 Floaty Blue Yeah Buoy
116 small 1 Six Four Plus Three Add That Up
127 small 1 I'm Spicy! I'm Spicy!
128 small 1 Y.A.C.H.T. None


Races Session Nitros Special
Pier Pressure Sea-nick Route Reel Magic Bring on the Sunshine!
Aboat Time! Sea Captain D-bait-able
The Codfather Why Knot? Fear Knot
Fairy Codmother Mast Confusion Drop the Bass
Seas the Day Fleet Admiral Cod Squad
Yeah Buoy Yachta Yachta Add That Up
Dual Sport Ahoy Thar!
Chicken Sloop Sunny Side Up
I'm Spicy!


  • This is the first summer event in which there is at least one car in the dealership that is not the Classic Woodie.
  • This is the first event in all of nitro type in which an achievement car was made possible by purchasing from the dealership. The car was the Six Four Plus Three.


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