The 2014 Winter Event was delayed due to some car issues. There were a total of 4 new cars during this event.


Click on the cars to learn more about them.

69 small 1103 small 199 small 170 small 1112 small 1114 small 1111 small 1113 small 1


Name How to Earn It Rewards Hidden?
In the Spirit No.
Thank You Gold Members! No.
Robin Laid An Egg No.
Shalom! Yes.
Nguzo Saba Yes.
Serenity Now Yes.
Keepin It Wreath No.
Oh Cashmas Tree No.
Oh Christmas Tree No.
Winter Wonderland No.
Sick Sleigh, Bro No.
Dream By the Fire No.
So Delightful No.
Move Over Rudolph No.
Buddy's Snowmorocket No.
Frosty the Cashman No.
Million Snowflakes No.
2 Million Snowflakes No.
3 Million Snowflakes No.
5 Million Snowflakes No.
Iced Out Yes.
I'm So Kringled No.
Season of Nitros No.
I Smell Snow No.
You Chilly Bro No.
Good Grief No.
72% Accuracy. Niec! No.
Buddy's Ride No.
Kringle 4000 XL No.

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