The 2014 Xmaxx Event was Nitro Type's third annual Xmaxx Event. It was delayed due to some car issues.



Car Picture Name How to get Corresponding Achievement
69 small 1 Rocket Sleigh $10,000 In The Spirit
112 small 1 Buddy's Snowmobile 600 Nitros Buddy's Ride
114 small 1 Buddy's Snowmorocket 110 races in a session Buddy's Snowmorocket
70 small 1 XMaxx Tree Racer 400 races Oh Christmas Tree
111 small 1 Kringle 4000 100 races in a session Move Over Rudolph
113 small 1 Kringle 4000 XL 1000 Nitros Kringle 4000 XL
99 small 1 Wreath Racer 150 races Keepin it Wreath
103 small 1 The Golden Gift Be a Gold Member Thank You Gold Members!


Races Session Nitros Special
Robin Laid An Egg Dream by the Fire Season of Nitros In the Spirit
Shalom! ♪ So Delightful ♪ I Smell Snow Thank You Gold Members!
Nguzo Saba Move Over Rudolph You Chilly Bro
Serenity Now Buddy's Snowmorocket Good Grief
Keepin it Wreath Frosty the Cashman 72% Accuracy. Niec! ☃
Oh Cashmas Tree Million Snowflakes Buddy's Ride
Oh Christmas Tree 2 Million Snowflakes Kringle 4000 XL
Winter Wonderland 3 Million Snowflakes
Sick Sleigh, Bro 5 Million Snowflakes
Iced Out
I'm So Kringled


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