The 2013 Xmaxx Event was Nitro Type's second annual Xmaxx Event. It started on December 3, 2013.



Car Picture Name How to get Corresponding Achievement
69 small 1 Rocket Sleigh $10,000 In The Spirit
72 small 1 Party Sleigh 700 races That Sleighs Me
99 small 1 Wreath Racer 150 races Keepin it Wreath
102 small 1 Dark Elf 1000 Nitros Dark Elf
103 small 1 The Golden Gift Be a Gold Member Thank You Gold Members!
100 small 1 Santa's Buggy 100 races in a session Buggying Out


Races Session Nitros Special
Robin Laid An Egg Sessions Greetings Winter of Nitros In the Spirit
Shalom! ♪ Oh Nitro Tree ♪ I Smell Ice Thank You Gold Members!
Nguzo Saba Buggying Out You Cold Bro
Serenity Now Lotta Gift Buying ¢ Ice Patch
Keepin it Wreath Million Presents Cold As Ice
Feliz Blah Blah 2 Million Presents Dark Elf
Oh Christmas Doge 3 Million Presents
I Haz Gifts Chillaxin'
The Snow Man 5 Million Presents
That Sleighs Me


  • This event brought about one of the only cars that have a backstory, which is the Dark Elf.
    • "Some of Santa's elves broke rank and started their own dark workshop on the South Pole.. making evil stuffed animals and Next Gen gaming consoles that play themselves!! Luckily, [FTW]Travis was in the area, and stole their car. Enter.... The Dark Elf. You want it? Then you'd better use at least 1,000 nitros on the track with one of those other sweet Xmaxx rides..."
  • This was one of two Winter Events in which the Xmaxx Tree Racer didn't make an appearance. The other one was the 2017 Winter Event.
  • $100,000 was given to every NT user during this event.
  • This was the first event that Gold members were given a car as a thank you from NT (The Golden Gift).