'69 Shellback RT-500
69' Shellback RT-500
Bought for: $62,000
Sold for: $37,200
Painted for: $9,300
Other attributes

The '69 Shellback RT-500 is a car that you unlock at level 10 and is one of the few cars to have per-existing variants that were never released, such as the Zonday Tricolore, which had a flat surface looking car unlike the Shellback's poor looking model.


It is highly paint-able and has a mono like tone when painting.


The Shellback model.

Scrapped Shellback

This car along with the Zonday Tricolore is one of the few cars that had scrapped variants along with them. The vehicle appears to have been more curved and poorly done in terms of lighting where it is done incorrectly on both sides of the car.


It was once the 69' Shellback RT-500 until a player noticed the error in the '69 and was later reversed to '69 Shellback RT-500

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