Classic woodie
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This is part of a Summer Event.

If used during the Summer, you get 50% extra cash and XP from races.

The '41 Woodie Deluxx is a summer car that could be obtained by completing the achievement BBQs Every Day, which required completing 300 races in a single session, during the 2013 Summer Event, 2014 Summer Event, or 2015 Summer Event. During the 2013 Summer Event, it could only be obtained up until June 23.


The surfboard is paintable unlike the Summer Classic. The roof, rear tire, and bumper can not be painted. The default paint job is red.


  • With its debut in the 2013 summer event, it became the first car to be featured in a event and have a limited time before the events expiration date, with the original ending date was June 16 (later changed to June 23) When re-released during the 2014 and 2015 Summer Events, it did not have earlier removal time than the other cars though.
  • It has the same board as the Hang Fifteen except flipped around.
  • It was removed during the 2016 Summer Event and was replaced with B.O.A.T..
  • It is a variant of the Summer Classic, but is noticeably larger than it.

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