8 bit racer
Hot dog mobile

This is a car that was made unobtainable.

Some people will have it, but no more people can get it.

Classic woodie
126 large 1

This is part of a Summer Event.

If Used during the Summer, you get 50% extra Cash and XP from races.

'41 Woodie Deluxx
Deluxe woodie
Bought for: $1,500,000
Sold for: $900,000
Painted for: $225,000
Other attributes

The '41 Woodie Deluxx is obtained by completing the achievement "BBQs Every Day", which requires 300 races in a single session. It is a later earned variant of the Classic Woodie with added a exposed front engine, flame decals, and being more paintable notably being the surfboard. Its achievement ended June 23.

The '41 Woodie Deluxx made a reappearance during the 2014, and 2015 Summer Events, where many more people were able to earn this car. It was removed after the 2015 summer event.


The surfboard is paintable unlike the Classic Woodie. The roof, rear tire, and bumper can not be painted.


  • It is the first car to be featured in a event and be limited before the events expiration date.
  • Only 54 people achieved this vehicle from the 2013 Summer Event.
  • Its original ending date was June 16 but then it was changed to June 23.
  • You would get The Covenant the same time you get this vehicle due to them both requiring 300 session races.
  • It has the same board as the Hang Fifteen except flipped around.
  • Many people thought that this car would stay forever during all summer events, but it was removed during the 2016 Summer Event and was replaced with B.O.A.T..

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